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Listed below are some web sites that have piqued my interest and quiet possibly will do the same for many of you. If you have a particular web site you might want to share with the family, please send it to me and I'll upload it as quickly as I'm able.

Auburn, CA (A nice place to live)

Auburn, CA (and it's history)

A California Country Market 

Find your Classmates (Grammer School, High School, College and Work)

Frederick Hunter Mason's ~ B17 ~ Tiny Angel

Got Restaurants?  

Got Wine?  A good site to begin your wine education. "A day without wine is a day without friends".

Holly Near  (Please visit her Web Site. Holly was Lois' & my Lifesaver while on "Our Trip From Hell" for my 40th RHS reunion in June 2000. Holly gave us a ride from Dulles Airport to Newark Airport. I enjoyed her music before I met her, and  enjoy it even more. One of these days I will be able to attend a concert & hear her sing live. If you like what you see . . . buy her music.)  

Home Value Guesstimate  (When you want to know your homes value)

Just a Great Reference site  (Great for Kids & Kids with Grand Kids)

KPIG Radio, Watsonville, CA  Listen on the Internet! (Carrying on the tradition of KFAT Radio, from Gilroy, CA. Believe me, you just had to be a FAT HEAD !)

KVMR Radio, Nevada City, CA (Just The best Public FM station in Northern CA) You listen on the Internet!

National Navigation  Make plans for any kind of travel.

Open Secrets Interactive

Pictures of Mono Lake, CA  I just found this site and really enjoyed the pictures.

Sacramento BEE Newspaper

Sierra Heritage Magazine  A great magazine. I don't know if it reaches the East Coast, but you can subscribe.

The Drudge Report  Started a movement

The Library of Congress

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