The Masons of Meonstoke, England and the Colonies

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In the beginning, I did not fully appreciate the impact, value and significance, along with the new friends this project would bring into my life. My cousin, Gloria Ritter was instrumental in pointing me toward this meaningful world of Genealogy. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to her for sending me all of her already compiled information and down this never ending road. That small amount of Mason history has turned into what you are now able to "click" on below. That little bit of information was instrumental in encouraging me to pursue this time consuming and never ending project.

Special thanks to the following people;

My mother, Marie Eleanor (nee James) Mason and her cousin Mrs. Ellen (nee Kennedy) McDonald for their interpretations and recalling of events.
Ms. Alice Yeager and her sister Mrs. Catherine (nee Yeager) Eggelston for sharing their Yeager family recollections and information.
Mrs. Carol (nee Leslie) Born for joining our family and sharing her history of the Ryan family. ,
Ms. Joyce (nee Grovesnor) Head, for her remembrances of those Masons from the United Kingdom.
Edward (Teddy) George Ford for his investigative work on the Ford Branch of our family.
Peter Carter Warren, for his extensive research into the James' Family vast real estate holdings in Virginia.
Peter Whitlock, a distant cousin from Canada, for his contribution of the history of the John Whitlock family.
Mrs. Katherine (nee Mason) Ritter for her information about my Uncle Hunter, recollections of times and family gone from me now, as well as her on-going assistance in the grammar and punctuation area.
Finally to David Gibson, my cousin, for his superb sense of humor, quick wit and his generous contribution of the Gibson family history.

Thank you all so very much for your patience, assistance and kindness as your family web pages unfold, develop, grow and are updated.

If you would like to help expand the tree, please send your information to my e-mail address, which is When sending information, please be sure to include as much information as is possible such as, DOB (dates of Birth), place of birth, date & location of deaths, marriages, divorces, parents & grandparents first, middle and last names.

* I would very much like to include the SEELEY family history, however Bob Mason and his son Lt. Robert Mason are very reluctant to participate. If there is any MASON relative that would be willing to intercede, I would greatly appreciate their efforts.


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