Descendants of George Anson Bates


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Generation No. 1


1.  GEORGE ANSON1 BATES was born 1820 in Gill, Massachusetts.  He married MYRA AURELIA STEBBINS.  She was born 1828 in Deerfield, Massachusetts, and died 1906 in Richmond, New York.



2.        i.         CHARLES STEBBINS2 BATES, b. Abt. 1854.

           ii.        LISSIE LOOMINS BATES, b. 1859; d. 1861.

           iii.        GEORGE ELSWORTH BATES, b. 1863; d. 1949.



Generation No. 2


2.  CHARLES STEBBINS2 BATES (GEORGE ANSON1) was born Abt. 1854.  He married JEANETTE PETTIT.  She was born 1864 in Hempstead, New York, and died 1942.



           i.         JESSIE KELLOG3 BATES, b. 1892; d. 1978.

           ii.        MYRA JEAN BATES, b. 1894.

3.        iii.        CHARLES ANSON BATES, b. 1895, Greenport, New York; d. 1969.

           iv.        JOHN PETTIT BATES, b. 1897; d. 1982.



Generation No. 3


3.  CHARLES ANSON3 BATES (CHARLES STEBBINS2, GEORGE ANSON1) was born 1895 in Greenport, New York, and died 1969.  He married ELIZABETH FRANCES COOKE.  She was born 1893 in Brooklyn, New York, and died 1972 in Queens Village, New York.



Nickname: Bessye



           i.         EDITH ANNA4 BATES, b. February 20, 1917, Richmond, New York; d. April 10, 2010, In France; m. FREDERICK HUNTER MASON, October 13, 1951, Paris, France; b. November 18, 1915, 72 Campbell Ave., Belleville, NJ; d. November 18, 1983, France.



Resided in France



Occupation:    Musician, Artist, Philosopher



           Hunter (Freddy to the "Tiny Angel's" crew) graduated pilot training and received his wings in January 1944. After a post training furlough was sent to Mcdill AFB, Tampa, FL for pilot training in a B-17 Bomber. He was assigned as co-pilot and they named their plane "Tiny Angel" after Freddy's wife, Mildred (source: Ralph Page, planes navigator, June 2003). Upon completion of this training they were sent to Molesworth, England and to the US 8th Air Force, 303 Bomber Group, known as the "Hell's Angels". They were assigned to the 427th Squadron.


En route to England they spent a short time at McGuire AFB in NJ, a port of embarkation. From there he telephoned his parents and told them in code, "Cocter and Dingle" (his childhood imaginary playmates in the sky) would be dropping by the next day, Sunday. He gave a time of around 11:00am to 12:00noon. Exactly at 11:00 am there was a loud roar of airplane motors and the house at 72 Campbell Ave. shook and the windows rattled as if they would break. Mother, Dad, Audrey and Katherine ran outside to see this huge four motored plane going over the house at an extremely low altitude. Katherine Ritter related to the compiler that it was approximately 900 feet. The plane turned off to the left or South and flew down over Fred's house and then headed back North and past his parents home again. They dipped the wings in a salute of good bye and flew off the Northeast. It was exciting and some emotional moments for Mother, Dad, Audrey and Katherine. Especially for Dad, who was out in the middle of the street waving his white handkerchief while bidding his son God speed.


Hunter was shot down while on his 15th mission on the August 15, 1944 bombing raid on Wiesbaden, Germany. There is a Mural in the Aero Space Museum in Washington, D.C. depicting this bombing raid. Ralph Page and Freddy were POW's together. They first were sent to Stalag 3 and later were repatriated from Stalag 7. According to Ralph Page, some of the "Tiny Angel's" surviving crew including the pilot were murdered by the Germans (source: Ralph Page, June 2003).


Hunter suffered head injuries which caused a cerebral hemorrhage and amnesia. He was in a German hospital while being treated for these injuries. He recovered about 3 to 4 months later and was transferred to Stalag Luft 3 prison camp near the Russian border. He was a participant in the famous 30 day march, in January 1945, from Stalag Luft 3 to a prison camp Munich, South Western Germany. Hunter was liberated from that camp on April 29, 1945 by General George Patton 3rd Army.


Some 40 to 45 years later, around 1990 - 1995, I, Katherine Marie Mason-Ritter, made contact with some of the surviving crew members of the "Tiny Angel". I was able to do this by writing to the "Hell's Angels" Historical Society and they published my letter in their newsletter. I received replies almost immediately from these men. The first reply came from the navigator, Ralph Page. I spoke with him by telephone and commented on his navigational accuracy in finding our house the day they left for England. I also mentioned the altitude as being about 1,000 feet, and he said, "No, Katherine, we were down about 800 to 900 feet. The legal low minimum was 1,000 feet. They were lucky some curmudgeon did not report them. I will remember that day for the remainder of my life. Audrey said that she saw some things coming out of the tail of the plane. We found out after the war that the tail-gunner, John Smalley, had dropped some paper cups with messages on them, but we never found them.


Katherine Marie (nee Mason) Ritter is the source of these recollections


Other information gathered from Ralph Page by Ted Ford, when he met Ralph in June 2003.


Excerpted from Joyce Head's Book, "The Sixteenth Child", A Long Life Story (Chapter 59). words of Frederick H. Mason about returning to the USA after the war.


". . . He told me about the horrors he'd endured in the German prisoner-of-war camp after he'd been captured, when his plane had been shot down, and his subsequent loss-of-memory due to his severe head injuries. "Going back to the States at the end of the war was a kinda nightmare, you know. Everyone was so excited about 'Going Home!' I was meeting all these folks who were crying and laughing and kissing me, giving me a great welcome, but I couldn't figure out who they were. Well, I kinda half-knew them, yet I couldn't put names to 'em. They were so happy, all talking at once and I kinda felt I was letting them down being so quiet. Then I had to go home with this completely strange young woman who said she was my wife. That was a really weird situation. How can you forget your own wife?"



Fact: Army Serial # 121-65-125



Marriage: October 13, 1951, Paris, France


           ii.        MARIAN B BATES, b. 1919, Richmond, New York.

4.        iii.        JANET G BATES, b. 1928, Richmond, New York.



Generation No. 4


4.  JANET G4 BATES (CHARLES ANSON3, CHARLES STEBBINS2, GEORGE ANSON1) was born 1928 in Richmond, New York.  She married O'MALLEY. 


Child of JANET BATES and O'MALLEY is:

           i.         JOHN5 O'MALLEY.