The Masons of Meonstoke, England and the Colonies

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What follows are stories, of times past.
 The Masons of Meonstoke, England
in the Meon Valley
along with many branches of our family in Ireland and The Colonies 

Please take moment to read my Dedication first, after all, I only created the web site. So many of my relatives have been extremely helpful by passing along their individual family information, photographs, and remembrances for inclusion in our . . . "WONDERFUL WORLDWIDE FAMILY".

My Time Consuming Research Project will always be under construction. If things seem to take a little longer than they should to load, please Click the REFRESH BUTTON or take a pause (go to the rest room) or just try it tomorrow. After all, I could be working on the site making it better for all!

The purpose for this undertaking was first to satisfy some inner need (exactly what, I still do not know) and to fashion a space in time for all our families information to be deposited. It became very apparent that this document (web page) would not only be of significance to my direct family, but to all members of my very large and extended family.

Following is a complete list of Family Names found in this Genealogical research web site. When you find a name in upper case and underlined you may click on that name and be treated to that families history or click on the "Family Histories" button to the left.

And the names are:

1. Amrein, Anderson, Andrews, Angelo, Antee, Apolovich, Armtage, Arizon, Ashworth, Athearn, Audrain, Ayling,

2. Babalino, Baikie, Bailey, Baker, Balfour, BALJEA, Ballendren, Ballman, Barbee, Barrett, Barsh, BATES, Baumgarten, Bayne, Beady, Beaney, Becktenwald, Beiswenger, Benari, Benedict, BENNETT, Benson, Berback, Berryman, Bethany, Biffar, Blakeslee, Blankenbaker, Bleam, Blueball, Boasi, Boise, Boitano, Bond, Born, Boswell, Bowerfind, Bozak, Boyer, Bradley, Braun, Breneman, Brewington, Brittian, Broferick, Brower, Brown, Browning, Bruce, Brun, Buckley, Buettner, Bumgardner, Bunch, Bundy, Burch, Burdge, Burnside, Burton-Crouse, Burtsfield, Buttle, Buxton,

3. CAJAR, Calascibetta, Calabrese, Caldwell, Call, Campeggi, Campion, Cangemi, Capestro, Carbone, CARTER, Cassidy, CAIRNS, Ceccilia, Chappell, Charlton, Chimera, Church, Clark, Claydon, Cleary, Coady, Cochenour, Coester, COFFEY, Coleman, Collins, Conalty, Concannon, Cook, Cooper, Corcoran, COSTA, Costello, Cotton, Covingtrie, Cox, Craigie, Crans, Cremeens, Crisp, CRITTENDON, Cruse, Criz, Curatola, Curtis,

4. Dailey, Dair, DALY, Darby, DARK, Davis, Dawes, Day, De Baugh, De Noma,, Deckert, Delphenich, Deluca, Demonti, Demyan, Di Sabato, Dilalla, Dillion, Dolan, Domingo, Donnelly, Donohue, Dowdy, Doyle, Drew, Driskil, Duell, Dunn, Durbecq,

5. Edel, Edworthy, EGGELSTON, Elmquist, Embrey, EMMETT, Emmons, Essex, Etheridge, Evans, EVERETT,

6. Falla, Fosnught, Faucett, Fea, Fearney, Ferrea, Field, Findley, Fischel, Fischer, Fish, Fledderjohn, Fleischmann, Flynn, Foglia, Florio, FORD, Fowler, Frederickson, Friend, Fritz, Furgerson, Furman,

7. Galiczynski, Garventa, Gardella, Garland, Gatuma, Gaunt, Gdovin, Gerhart, GIBSON, Gilbert, Giles, Gilmour, Glick, Godwin, Gohring, Grausso, Green, GROSVENOR, GUINTA, Gwen, Gwozdecke,

8. Hagalae, HAINES, Hajduk, Hake, Hall, Haney, Harper, Harris, Hart, Hartley, HARWOOD, Hasty, Haugh, Hays, HEAD, Hedinger, Heineman, HENDERSON, Henning, Herbst, HERRERO, Hess, Hewitt, HIGGIN, Hildebradt, Hillier, Himchak, Hinton, Hoffman, Hohl, Hornsby, Horvath, Horyna, Howell, Howison, Hurtig, HUSTINGS,

9. Irving,

JAMES, Jansens, Janson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Judd,

11. Kaclik, KADER, Kammers, Kanaval, Kane, KARPOVICH, Kashmar, Keller, Keith, Kelley, Kelly, KENNEDY, Kimber, King, Kinnimont, Kinsey, Kirkness, Kleeman, KLEIN, Known, Kole, KOSTEK, Kraus, Kreis, Kronmeier, Krueger, Kuhn,

12. Laird, LANE, Lang, LALLY, Lavender, LAVOIE, Lawrence, Laymon, Leamon, Lee, Lehman, Leibforth, Lennox, Leslie, Lester, Leutner, Levina, Levins, Levinson, Leypold, Libman, Lieber, Lill, Lindsley, LIVINGSTON, Loftus, Lombardo, Love, Loxton, Lueke, Lundberg, Lush, Luymes,

13. MacFarlane, Macioce, Malavarca, Malcolm, Maloney, Mallory,
Mancuso, Marrer, HENRY JOHN MASON, (and) JOHN HENRY MASON (Sarah Mason's side), Masterman, Mawhinney, Mc Bride, McCreath, MC GRATH, McDonald, MC INTYRE, MC QUOID, McSween, McWilliams, Mead, Mearns, MEGARGEE, Mendham, Menke, Mercer, Milbourne,, Miller, Millward, Minsenberger, Moats, Mobley, Montalvo, Moore, Moosbrugger, Moran, Morello, Morgan, Motl, Mowat, Moxley, Moynihan, Mueller, Muggleton, Mullaney, Munoz, MURPHY,

14. Nall, Naash, Neech, Netheron, NEUHAUSER, NEWTON, Nichols, Niel, Noble, Noll, Norman, Northcroft, Novacich,

15. Oakley, O'Byrne, O'Conner, O'Dell, Ogden, Oglivy, Olin, ELIAS OLIVER, THOMAS W. OLIVER, Orcutt, Orofino, Owen,

16. Pacheco, Palenzona, Palmer, Pappa, Paris, Parker, Payne, Peck, Perden, Peet, Penny, Perez, Perkey, Perrucci, Perry, Persinger, Peters, Peterson, Philllips, Pidoriano,, Pinckney, Pinkerton, Pitts, Pleasant, Plumley, Poellman, Poland, Poole, Pottinger, Preston, Prout, PUGSLEY, Purnell, Purwins,

17. Raddatz, Ramsey, Ratliff, RAUCCI, Raymer, Reddy, Reffelt, Reidy, Reil, Reinhard, Reish, RICH, Ricketts, Reil, Righter, Riley, EDUARDO RITTER~AISLAN, Roberts, Robinson, Roderick, Rogers, Rodheim, Romano, Ruhlin, Ruksza, Russel, HANNAH RYAN,

18. Sacerio, Salvato, Sanders, Sanford, Saunders, Sawdye, Sayers, Scala, Scheuren, Schoenberger, Scullin, Seaward, See, Seeley*, Seider, Selky, Serrada, Setzler, Seuwak, Shaffler, Shaper, Sharadin, Sharp, Sharrah, Shaw, Sheaf, Sheehan, Sheery, Sheldon, Shelledy, Shepard, Sheppard, Sherman, Sherry, Sherwood, SICA, Silva, Silvestri, Sims, Sindel, Siro, Skiph, Slack, Slaut, Small, Smith, Squier, SOUTHARD, ST. DENIS, Staub,STAUNTON, Stefaniac, Stewart, Srover, Straughan, Streeter, Stroher, STUCKE, Sufiot, Sullivan, Suwak, Szafranski,

19. Tabor, Talbert, Tassini, Taylor, Teague, Thaile, THOMPSON, Tiller, Timko, TORBUSH, Toreson, Torreyson, Torrico, Tracey, TRAIL or TRAILLE, Traill, Tzaskos, TULEY, Turbush, Tusing, Tyler,

20. Ufheil, Underwood,

21. Valintine, Van Esselstine, Van Houton, Vashte, Venn, Vetrini, Vold,

22.Wadsworth, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walter, Ware, WARREN, Waterman, Watson, Weatherford, Weaver, Webb, Weeks, Weir, Wemyss, Werneer, Wheeler, Whelan, White, Whited, Whitehouse, WHITLOCK, WIENER, Wilcox, Wild, Wiley, WILLIAMS, Willie, Wilson, Wilt, Winters, Wolf, Wolfe, Wood, Wright, WYNN,

23. Yanus, Yarrington, GOTTFRIED (FRED) YEAGER, Yeo.


Because some family members feel I should be following "hunches" instead of fact, the disclaimer below is for them. If the description does not fit, you need not be offended.

All information contained herein has been passed along to me by many family members on both sides of "The Big Pond". As with any research project, verifications must be made. I have made every effort to verify the correctness of all information with as many relatives as possible, then insert that information as it was given to me. PLEASE REMEMBER, I AM INCLUDING INFORMATION "COLLECTED & SUPPLIED" BY OTHERS, I AM NOT DOING "ALL" OF THE RESEARCH ON ALL OF THE BRANCHES. If you catch me uploading incorrect information PLEASE let me know. Also, if you have any information, family stories or recollections you would like to share, we all would truly love to have you share them, thus allowing all of the family to have a wonderful and informative Family Web Page. I look forward to speaking with you and/or receiving your e-mails. To those that do support this project, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Jonathan S. Mason (the writer) is a 2nd generation (English/German/Irish) American from my Father's side and 10th generation French/German American through my Mothers family, the JAMES'. I am the 2nd of four sons of Marie Eleanor (nee James) & Horace Winfield Mason. I have one older brother, James H. and two younger, Jeffrey T. & Douglas L. 

On my MASON side of my family, I have been able to trace my ancestry back to Ann (nee Whitlock) & Henry Mason in 1794 England. They were the parents of George Mason who married Mary Lane. George and Mary had nine children. Their 7th child was my Great-grandmother Sarah Mason. At this point you can click on a pictorial trip around Sarah's home town of Meonstoke or surf to the Masons beginning in Meonstoke, Exton and Corhampton  or just enjoy the description of these two villages highlighted in green below. Also, you may click on St. Andrews Church and visit this old church near Meonstoke.

"Originally two separate parishes, Corhampton and Meonstoke were brought together into one civil parish in 1932. Corhampton was called Quedementune in the Doomsday Book, where it was listed under Hugh de Port's possessions. Several manors have been identified in the Parish of Corhampton; Cleverly, Preshaw and a sub manor. The main Manor of Corhampton was held by the de Clare family in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. In 1289 Gilbert de Clare married Joan de Acres, the king's daughter; when Gilbert died in 1295 Joan secretly married Ralph de Monthermer who was a mere squire. This angered the king, who imprisoned Ralph in Bristol Castle, but he later relented and granted Ralph the Manor of Corhampton until Gilbert, the rightful heir, came of age. From the fourteenth to the sixteenth century the Staffords were Lords of the Manor until it was sold to the Hanbury family. In 1599 Queen Elizabeth sold the Crown Lands in the manor to Thomas Hanbury, in whose family it remained until 1655.

The sub-manor of Corhampton was originally held by the de Corhampton family, but was sold to Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester, who granted the land to Titchfield Abbey which he had founded in 1232. The Abbey was dissolved in 1537 and the manor was granted to Thomas Wriothesley, whose heirs conveyed it later to the Collins family.

Meonstoke belonged to Edward the Confessor before the Norman Conquest, and was listed in the Doomsday Book as part of the Ancient Demesne of the Crown. In the thirteenth century the manor was split into three parts; Meonstoke Walerund (later Meonstoke Perrers), Meonstoke Ferrand, and Meonstoke Tour. The three parts were later brought together by William of Wykeham, who conveyed the land to his newly-founded College at Winchester in the late fourteenth century.

The church at Corhampton is one of the best preserved late Saxon churches in the county; two of its architectural features being the chancel arch and the Saxon sundial, to the east of the south door way".

All my sleuthing and assistance from others in the family has enabled me to travel back to 1794 Hampshire, England with the Mason branch and to 1640 Virginia, USA with my Mother's (James) branch of the family.

Many within the "Mason/Yeager" clan/branch seem to attach themselves to Delia Bridget Murphy, so please enjoy a visit to Delia's Irish Hometown and read about the origin of the Murphy name.

"The MURPHY surname, or in Irish, O Murchadha (meaning strong or superior), anglicized O'Murchoe and finally anglicized to it's present form, MURPHY. The name traces its' origin from Milesians, King of Spain, through the line of his son, Heremon, the first absolute King of Ireland. Abt 504 BC. The Murphy Clan, or ancient term Hy Felimy, i.e. descendant to Felimy, so called as they descended from Feidhlim, son of the celebrated Enna Kinsellagh, King of Laighlin (i.e. province of Leinster), in the fifth century and in direct line from Dermont McMurrough, King of the Province of Leinster 1110 AD to 1171 AD. The family name of the chieftain of the Murphy Clan is called "The O Morchoe". The family motto, "to conquer rather than die" is also associated with the name. The surname Murphy and the variant forms is the most common surname in the whole of Ireland".

One of MURPHY'S obscure Law's: "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak".

* See note on the dedication page



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